Europe crypto mining ban

europe crypto mining ban

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Importantly, the latest draft bill has removed a provision that was set to prohibit crypto assets that rely on 'proof of work' (one of the mechanisms used to. Latest in the line is Sweden, which has called out for an EU-wide mining ban on Bitcoin due to environmental concerns; however, it is questionable whether such. Erik Thedeen called for a bloc-wide ban on "proof of work" crypto mining, saying the industry's energy usage was becoming a "national issue" in.
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Ethereum, however, is reportedly in the process of switching to an alternative less energy-intensive method called proof-of-stake. Come for the alpha, stay for the fresh air. This could have an impact on the global bitcoin BTC mining landscape and on crypto regulation in general. They are also calling for Sweden to introduce measures to immediately halt the continued establishment of crypto-mining production using energy-intensive methods in the country, and a ban on any company that trades or invests in crypto-assets using the proof-of-work method to describe themselves or their activities as sustainable. Lawmakers and environmental activists have been pushing for regulation on crypto mining since at least November of last year, citing what they viewed as energy-intensive crypto activity stemming from PoW.